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DIY Maiden Braids for Thick Hair

Maiden braids are a classic style that look great dressed up or dressed down, and they’re pretty easy to complete. Win, win! For this tutorial, we wanted to show ladies with thick hair how they can easily achieve this look without their braids being too thick to cooperate.

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Cosmetology, Hair

10 Updos Perfect for Thanksgiving

The Holiday season is in full swing, Thanksgiving is this week! I love taking the time to celebrate all I have to be thankful for with my family, but let’s be honest, the holidays are stressful. You’re busy deciding who’s going to host, what to cook, how to make sure you hit every celebration etc. The last thing you want to worry about it your hair.

A cute and simple updo is just what you need to ensure your hair stays fierce through all of your Thanksgiving celebrations!

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Natural Hair Care

Celebrities Rocking Natural Hair

The Natural Hair Movement has been gaining momentum for a while, and many celebrities have begun to embrace their strands and transition back to their natural locks including, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Usher and more.

Have you been considering transitioning back to your natural roots as well? Join Clary Sage College Sunday April 6th from 2-6pm for Curls and Tresses! Curls and Tresses is a textured hair event designed to educate and celebrate the variety and versatility of textured hair!

We hope to see YOU there!


The importance of having the right moisturizer for your climate

By Mona Green
For a long time we have been trained to believe that hydrating ingredients like humectants are a necessity for the skin. Common ingredients like glycerin, hyaluronic acid, copper pca are thought to be a big drink of water for your skin. However that wonderful humectant included in your moisturizer could be draining the moisture from your face.

Humectants bind water and if there is no humidity in the air the humectants can actually pull water from skin! Beware of plane travel, winter and dry states. If any of those apply to you, you may need to avoid humectants and go with a true moisturizer with an oil or silicone base. Who knew we need change our moisturizer depending on the state we are in?!?