Brazilians: The Front to Back of It

brazilian-waxingWhen we think about hair removal we typically think about areas of the face, arms, and legs.  However, when the seasons change, so do our hair removal concerns.  Now that the summer season is officially underway, it’s time for swim wear, trips to the lake, and for removing unwanted hair from all areas of the body, including the bikini area.

Brazilian waxing on women has been widely practiced in European cultures dating as far back as 4000 BC.  Although many cultures removed hair as a custom, it was also removed for aesthetic purposes.  The methods of hair removal have largely remained the same but technology has changed the materials used.

Brazilian waxing can includes a couple different variations such as, “the bikini wax”, “the landing strip”, and “the Sphinx”.   “The bikini wax” leaves only a small amount of hair left above and on the sides.  “The landing strip” leaves a narrow vertical strip while all hair is removed from front to back. Most people consider a “true Brazilian” to be a Sphinx.  The Sphinx, much like the rare cat breed, leaves nothing to the imagination…it’s all taken off, including all hair from front to back, including labial area and the buttocks.

Although mainstream today, there have been times that the Brazilian has been controversial.  With advanced training by your Esthetician, Brazilian waxing can be done with minimal discomfort and no down time.  The risk of infection is also greatly reduced with correct sanitation and disinfection.   The consistent waxing of the bikini area will also diminish the amount of hair that returns and there will be little to no discomfort after routine treatments.

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