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How To Make Loose Curls

Loose curls are the perfect hairstyle — you can wear them anywhere and look flawless. From the workplace, to school, to date night, beautiful loose curls are in. So I thought, why not show you how to create this beautiful, easy look? Yep, easy! You should be able to get these lovely loose curls in about 15 minutes.

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DIY Maiden Braids for Thick Hair

Maiden braids are a classic style that look great dressed up or dressed down, and they’re pretty easy to complete. Win, win! For this tutorial, we wanted to show ladies with thick hair how they can easily achieve this look without their braids being too thick to cooperate.

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10 Updos Perfect for Thanksgiving

The Holiday season is in full swing, Thanksgiving is this week! I love taking the time to celebrate all I have to be thankful for with my family, but let’s be honest, the holidays are stressful. You’re busy deciding who’s going to host, what to cook, how to make sure you hit every celebration etc. The last thing you want to worry about it your hair.

A cute and simple updo is just what you need to ensure your hair stays fierce through all of your Thanksgiving celebrations!

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5 Must Have Products for Beautiful Winter Hair

Cooler weather can make our hair dry, lifeless and dull. Who wants that? No one. Here are a few tips to keep your hair from hibernating this winter.

When you turn the heat on in your house, it dries out the air, also drying out your hair. To bring some moisture back into your locks, wash and condition your hair with a moisturizing shampoo. Clary Color shampoo and conditioner is perfect for fine to medium hair, and  Z-11 shampoo and conditioner works great for thick and course hair.

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DIY: Effortless Updo


We are so excited to share this Effortless Updo with you! Updo’s are a classic look, that can be a bit intimidating, but they don’t have to be. All you need to complete this elegant look is: a hair clip, rubber band, bobby pins, a curling iron and a shaping hair spray. (We used Clary Shape)

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Brow-less Beauty

Mona Lisa is one of Leonardo DaVinci’s greatest works of art. Have you ever wondered, “Where are her eyebrows?” “Did he forget them?”

Well, DaVinci did not forget anything. In fact, brow less foreheads were considered a sign of beauty. Women would tweeze their eyebrows and hairlines to show an expansion of their forehead. They did this to look more intelligent, because it would make their forehead look larger and therefore seem like they had a larger brain. Women would then pumice the tweezed area to make it smooth. Now, I think it is great that they thought knowledge equaled beauty, but I am glad that this beauty trend did not stick around. They say beauty is pain, and in this case that is very true.

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Hairstyle Appreciation Day

Did you know it was National Hairstyle Appreciation Day? What a fun holiday, right?! We wanted to celebrate by showing you one of our favorite quick and easy hairstyles you can perfect in under 5 minutes. Can you say more sleep? Yes, please!

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Hair trends for fall of 2013

It’s almost that magical time of the year… boots, scarves, pumpkin spice lattes, brisk air…. fall! And with all of the joys of fall also come new hair trends. Here are some the most popular looks for fall of 2013.

1. The “Effortless” Ponytail


Spring ponytails were positioned at the nape and ironed to emphasize their sleekness. For fall, the position stays put but textures differ. Pieces were pulled down around the face or tucked behind the ears to emphasize the style’s haphazard ease.


2. The Pompadour



The pompadour is coming back in full force this fall. With the ability to look fun and casual to elegant and polished, this look has become one of the most seen trends this year.  And don’t worry- you can achieve this look with short or long hair.



This style is also becoming wildly popular for men as well. So you want to have the same haircut as your boyfriend? Do it. Because that’s adorable.




3.  Slicked Back “Wet” Look





The deliciously relaxed quality provides a stark contrast to an exquisitely made up face.  It gives off a very nonchalant vibe. Think, “Um-Yes-I-look-this-good-right-out-of-the-shower.” If this mermaid of the sea look is not for you, try it delicately twisted up and pinned.



4. Volume, Volume, Volume



Thick haired people of the world, rejoice… because this year more is more. Though this trend is a bit more on the wild side, natural texture is being utilized more than ever. No amount of volume is too much this year. Big hair, don’t care.





5. Updo’s 



Updo’s are a staple style of every fall.  Though updo’s are not news to us, You can always experiment and play with the degree of style you would like, from very smooth and classic like the picture above….


Or as wild and crazy as you’re feeling.

6. Pixie Cut

images (1)

Androgyny is in. More so now than ever women are lopping off their locks and opting for a shorter style. Not only is it fun and sweet, but lets be honest… there’s just something invigorating and empowering about chopping all of your hair off.  Short hair looks great on anyone with strong features, and it also works on a variety of lengths and textures.

Kate Young For Target Launch





7.  Warm colors



No matter if you’re a blonde, brunette, or redhead, colors with lots of warmth are the way to go this fall. Golden and honey blondes are replacing the icy grey and lavender tones we saw last year. With brunettes, we are seeing a lot of auburn undertones, and with redheads more are leaning towards red-orange hues than red-violet.  Think cozy campfire…mmm hmm!







SO warm, it’s hot.



8. Accessories



The easiest and quickest way to spruce up any outfit! Headbands, tiara’s, hair appliques, bows, gemstones, chains, feathers, if you can imagine it, you can put it on your head and rock it out.






Overall, fall trends this year are daring and bold.  Tweak these ideas to ensure your hair this autumn matches your own unique and mesmerizing personality! Because as we all know… that’s your prettiest accessory 🙂