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A Review of Men’s Hair Styling Products

Men’s hair styling products are a fickle creature. The wrong product can make your hair look like crispy ramen noodles (we forgive you J.T.), or make your hair look lame and limp. So I allowed my hair to become a test subject and put four different products to the test.

It’s important to know what hair products will work best with your hair, and the style you are trying to accomplish. I prefer something in-between a modern pomp and a slicked back undercut, so I went with the products most likely to give me the desired results.

I decided to rate these products based on cost, ease of use, hold, and how easy they are to get out of your hair.

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Men’s Summer Hair Trends

As a lady, I really only notice two hair options for dudes out there – long or short. I mean, I’m cool with it, I can appreciate long or short hair on a fellow, but it must feel a little limiting to them, right?

I imagine them saying, “Do I want hair or not?” If the answer is yes, they grow it. If the answer is no, they don’t.

No one can live this way. So I started paying attention to men’s hair in my real life and online. I happily noticed that there are quite a few options for the men out there. Here are a few men’s hair trends you’ll find this summer.

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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Scheduling Your Next Hair Appointment

Today, there are so many resources for us to find inspiration for our hair. The Internet, more specifically sites like Pinterest, are filled with beautiful color, cut, and style options. However, just because you find a pretty picture, and bring it into the salon, does not mean that it is feasible for the stylist to achieve that look, at least not in one session. There are things that you must think about before coming into a salon.

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Soft Curls with a Flat Iron Tutorial

Soft curls are a great way to give your hair a little umph, without being over the top. By now I’m sure you’ve heard you can curl your hair with a flat iron, but have you heard of a way that only takes two steps? You’re in luck, because I’m about to show you!

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How to Make Your Hair Extensions Look Rich

There are a few things we can do when it comes to buying hair on a budget, we all need to look good and feel good, too. So the next time you go to the beauty supply store and pick up a pack of $9.99 hair have no fear because I’m going to tell you how to make it look and feel like a million bucks.

Less is More When it Comes to Product

So many products contain ingredients that dry out the hair which can lead to a dull appearance.

Use Low to Little Heat when Styling

Try to use the low heat setting on your thermal tools to uphold the integrity of the hair. Excessive heat leads to dryness and split ends, and in some cases burns or scorches the hair. Anytime that you are thermal styling be sure to use a thermal guard to help protect the hair from damage.

Wrap it Up

Before going to bed or even just relaxing around the house wrap your hair, or put it in two large braids. This helps it to keep its shape and stay tangle free, keeps the natural shine, and keeps the hair smooth.

Never Go to Bed with Wet Extensions

They need to be 100% dry. Going to bed with wet extensions makes it easy for the hair to tangle.

No Excessive Brushing

Excessive brushing is damaging as well. Try to brush only as needed. Brushing the extensions puts a lot of stress on the hair and can cause split ends.

If you can follow these tips you can keep those extensions looking great!